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For free: automatic sumbarometer for 2 or more branches

Do you have multiple branches or locations and want to add up the same barometers every year for a total picture? Use the automatic sum barometer for this. If you have two or more barometers, you will receive a free automatic sum barometer included in your subscription.

One-time set-up and all will be added up automatically.

In the sumbarometer, you can select which barometers you want to combine. For every year in those source barometers the data are added up. If you make an adjustment in the source barometers, it is immediately reflected in the sum barometer too.

Same functionality as separate barometers

With the sumbarometer, you can do almost everything you’re used to doing with separate barometers. Such as:

You cannot enter data into the sumbarometer, as input always comes from other barometers.

Example sumbarometer

The sumbarometer can also make sums of data that have modifiable titles and units (such as production size or items of Other CO2 sources). If titles or units do not match, they will be combined (‘lunches’ + ‘meals’ becomes ‘lunches + meals’ in the sum).

The sumbarometer is now standard included in a subscription with two or more barometers.

A sumbarometer is included for free in your Envirometer subscription if you have more than one barometer. You can add even more sumbarometers (for example for specific regions), if you expand your subscription.

More information about the sumbarometer can be found in the HELP.


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Milieubarometer implements new environmental prices of CE Delft

This year, the new environmental prices that CE Delft published in 2023 have been implemented in the Envirometer. This way we ensure that the tool remains up to date with developments in science and politics. But why is this important? And what exactly are the environmental prices?

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Yearly update CO2-factors february 2024

The annual update of the CO2 emission factors took place on January 22, 2024 All changes were implemented in the Envirometer on February 5. It is useful for Milieubarometer users to know the most important changes.

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Current industry average for office organizations available in Envirometer

The Envirometer provides a new current industry average for housing associations and office organizations. This renewed industry average is based on data from 2022. As an office organization, you can use this new benchmark to compare the environmental impact of your organization.

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