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"Reliable carbon footprinting without hassle"

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The Envirometer has been helping companies with carbon footprinting for more than 25 years now.

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A reliable scientific basis for the figures in your reports. We’ll focus on keeping the emission factors up to date, you focus on filling in the data.

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Published carbon footprints

Nearly 900 published carbon footprints of companies that are working actively to improve their environmental impact.

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Quantifying your company’s emissions above all creates awareness, both in your company and beyond its walls. This way you can effectively reduce your carbon or environmental footprint.
Roman Griffijn, Building for Tomorrow

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Frequently asked questions

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Why should our company measure its carbon footprint?

Measuring your carbon footprint (‘carbon footprinting’) allows you to gain insight into your company’s greenhouse gas emissions and see where you can reduce these.

Why not just calculate my carbon footprint using Excel?

The key advantages of the Envirometer are:

  • Changes in the emission factors are automatically passed on via the Envirometer. In an Excel spreadsheet you have to update the factors yourself each year (and remember to do so too).
  • It’s practical for use over more than one year and for multiple locations.
  • The carbon footprint can also be presented in formatted data visuals like graphs and charts.
  • You can analyse trends better by looking at the relative carbon footprint (by turnover, FTEs or production size).
  • The key figures (e.g. building-related energy/m2) provide additional information.
  • You can compare your results with the industry average.