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Increasing sustainability

Baseline measurement for emissions, environment and sustainability

Which business activities have the highest impact? With a baseline measurement you can determine your focus for making your company or organisation more sustainable.

Baseline measurement for emissions and the environment

With a baseline measurement for emissions and the environment you can determine your focus for making your company or organisation more sustainable.

Taking a baseline measurement helps answer these questions:

These are the steps you need to take:

Donut chart of environmental impact

You can see which business activities have the greatest environmental impact and what you should prioritise in terms of environmental aspects. Envirometer can produce similar emission data visuals showing where you can cut emissions the most.

Details of high-impact activities

For each activity you immediately see what the sources of the impact are as well as where the greatest emission reductions can be achieved.

Compare with the industry average

Additional questions answered by taking a baseline measurement include:

Comparison to the industry average

You compare your results with the average for your industry or sector available in the Envirometer. You can see how your company scores compared to the industry average and on which topics the most progress can be made.

Internal benchmarking

Large companies or organisations can expand their subscription and include multiple locations (branches, offices, etc.) in their data visuals. That comes in handy for internal benchmarking.

Expanding baseline measurement with other sustainability/CRS indicators

In addition to environmental aspects, increasingly more companies and organisations want to get a better picture of social and socio-economic aspects and other CRS aspects. This includes topics like:

These are the steps you need to take:

Selecting relevant sustainability indicators

You select relevant indicators from a list of suggestions. You can adjust listed indicators and/or add sustainability indicators suited to your situation.

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The Envirometer provides a science-based approach to sustainability, which my colleagues take seriously. With a proper baseline measurement and with effect measurements and measures, I see support within the team becoming much greater.
Ruth Glowienka, GP, Holendrecht health centre

Frequently asked questions

Looking for an answer and your question is not listed? Then take a look at our FAQ overviewpage

How much time does it take to establish a baseline measurement?

In our experience, it takes about 3 hours per location. Most of the time is usually spent gathering the data you need to input. This process becomes quicker each year.

How is the environmental graph created?

This is done based on the environmental pricing methodology, where costs are assigned to environmental effects such as the greenhouse effect, acidification, and eutrophication. The Stimular Foundation developed the Envirometer model in collaboration with the firm CE Delft. The approach and backgrounds of the calculation methodology are described here

Can you automatically enter data?

Yes, that is possible if the supplier has created an API connection.