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"Take big steps towards reducing your carbon footprint"

Increasing sustainability

Baseline measurement for emissions and sustainability

Which business activities have the highest impact? With a baseline measurement you can determine your focus for making your company or organisation more sustainable.

A baseline measurement for your business
Increasing sustainability

Improving performance and setting targets

How do you reduce the impact of your company or organisation? You make a to-do list and set targets to stay focused.

Getting started with targets
Increasing sustainability

Monitoring and making adjustments

Have you been reducing your impact? By taking stock each year you can quickly see where adjustments need to be made in your business operations.

Read more about reducing your impact
Increasing sustainability

Internal and external communication

Using the charts, graphs and tables in your internal and external communications is a great way to make data relating to your sustainability measures more accessible and understandable.

Discover the communication options

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Frequently asked questions

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Is the Envirometer updated regularly?

Yes, definitely. In addition to the CO2 figures, continuous small and large updates are implemented. You can find the complete list here (in Dutch).

Can I compare my CO2 footprint with that of other organizations?

If a sector average is available for your industry in the Envirometer, you can compare both key figures and the CO2 and environmental graphs with your industry.

Outside the Envirometer, you can also compare your CO2 footprint with organizations that have made their CO2 footprints public. See the page with public CO2 footprints.