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ISO 14001

Keep an environmental record and analyse and evaluate the environmental performance of your company or organisation.

ISO 14001 is the standard for setting up and maintaining an environmental management system. With this standard you work in a structured way to reduce the environmental impact of your business operations, products and/or services.

The Envirometer helps you with the following parts of ISO 14001:

Assessing the environmental impact of your business activities

For the sake of compiling the environmental aspects register for ISO 14001, it’s useful to have insight into the environmental impact of your business activities. For example, what is the relationship between the impact of business travel and energy consumption in the offices?

These are the steps you need to take:

Environmental data charts

The Envirometer calculates the environmental impact of business operations based on the data entered. This is done on the basis of environmental impact pricing, a methodology where costs are allocated to environmental impacts like the greenhouse effect, acidification and eutrophication (an excessive load of nutrients in bodies of water).

Monitoring, analysing and evaluating your environmental performance

These are the steps you need to take to meet this standard:

Select indicators

The Envirometer calculates indicators that describe the environmental performance of your company. You select the indicators for which you want to set targets.

Set targets

You set targets for the indicators you select. The Envirometer uses traffic light colours to show whether you are achieving your targets.

Register additional indicators

You can supplement the Envirometer with data relating to environmental nuisance, sustainable procurement and making your product or service more sustainable. You can also link ‘goal-line charts’ to this data. This way you have a complete set of performance indicators for your ISO 14001 certification.

Complying with legislation regarding energy savings and waste

The Envirometer contains a list of energy saving and waste reduction measures, including:

For each measure you can indicate whether it applies and how far you have progressed with its implementation.

Legally recognised measures

Measures that are recognised by the Dutch government are shown by the Dutch coat of arms in white on a dark blue block.


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We are very satisfied with the Envirometer and the accompanying service. After our presentation of the reports the board was very enthusiastic about the tool and its international opportunities. The Lloyds auditor was very impressed by the Envirometer and the associated performance indicators as part of our quality and environmental management system (ISO9001 and ISO14001).
Jolanda Wijers, Brabantia - Valkenswaard

Frequently asked questions

Looking for an answer and your question is not listed? Then take a look at our FAQ overviewpage

Am I ready for a certificate if I fill in the Envirometer?

No, the Envirometer only supports certain CO2 and environmental components of certificates.

Can I let the auditor review the Envirometer?

Yes, definitely. There is no limit to the number of users within an account, and by giving the auditor ‘read-only’ access, they can review it.

Is it sufficient to only fill in the Envirometer to achieve ISO 14001 certification?

Don’t confuse the Envirometer with an environmental aspects register. Even if you use the Envirometer, it remains necessary to establish a register of all environmental aspects of your activities, products, and services to achieve ISO 14001 certification.

Learn more about all the components of ISO 14001 in the ISO 14001 standard.