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What you get

  • Instant online access to one Envirometer:
  • The ability to add an unlimited number of colleagues;
  • Using the Envirometer Helpdesk;
  • Regular electronic newsletter with news and tips.

Subscription fee

  • A starter subscription costs € 249 (excl. VAT, year 2024) and runs until 31-12-2024.
  • This starter subscription includes one barometer, valid for one location;
    • If you want to use the Envirometer for additional locations, you can extend the subscription for € 88 (excl. VAT, year 2024) per barometer.
    • This extension is valid for the same period as the main license.
    • With more than one barometer in your subscription, a free automatic sumbarometer will be included.

Renew / cancel

  • The starters’ subscription will be converted to an ongoing annual subscription on 1-1-2025, unless the subscription is canceled before that time.
  • An ongoing subscription costs € 88 (excl. VAT, year 2024) per barometer per year.
  • You can cancel the starters’ subscription (digitally) until 31-12-2024.
  • You will retain access to your subscription until the end of the subscription period.


The Envirometer has been developed and is maintained by Stimular foundation.
For questions about using the Envirometer, you can contact the helpdesk of Stimular foundation (010-238 28 28) during office hours.

Details about security and privacy can be found in the terms of use

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