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"We would be more than happy to help you use the Envirometer to its best effect"



You can use our online help guide, or contact the Stimular office on +31 (0)10 238 2828. Staff there will be happy to connect you to the Envirometer helpdesk.

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Incompany cursus

The course is tailored to your company and offered in both Dutch and English. During the course, there is an opportunity to check filled-in data, review key figures with employees, and draw conclusions. Additionally, you will receive tips on communicating the results within and outside your organization, and advice on advancing your sustainability efforts to the next level.

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We hope our residents and businesses are aware of sustainability and contribute towards a sutainable community. For our own buildings, we have taken several measures to improve our environmental performance. This is reflected in our score in the Envirometer.
Theo de Putter, Alderman of the Municipality of Wierden

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Frequently asked questions

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Who will answer my question if I email the helpdesk?

This task is managed by the advisors at the Stimular Foundation, the owner of the Envirometer.

How quickly will my question be answered?

90% of the questions are answered within one business day. More complex issues may require additional research. If this is the case, we will inform you of the expected response time.