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ISO 26000, MVO-Prestatieladder, SDG’s

Monitor measurable sustainability indicators for ISO 26000 (CSR), the CSR Performance Ladder and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Several standards have been developed for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and corporate sustainably:

These standards focus on the environment and climate as well as on social and social-economic topics (like employment).

Part of meeting these standards concerns formulating sustainability indicators and setting quantifiable, measurable sustainability targets. By doing so you make the impact of your company/organisation and the improvement in its scores visible.

The Envirometer helps you with:

Selecting measurable environmental indicators

The first step is to understand the environmental impact and carbon footprint of your company/organisation. The Envirometer provides this insight, allowing you to more quickly choose the right environmental indicators to evaluate progress.

These are the steps you need to take:

Donut chart of your environmental impact

This shows you which of your business activities have the greatest impact. You then select the most suitable indicators for these topics.

Selecting environmental indicators

The Envirometer calculates indicators for each activity, such as transport. You select the indicators for which you want to set targets.

Selecting measurable social and socio-economic indicators

Social and socio-economic indicators are often more difficult to determine than environmental indicators. To help you get started, the Envirometer contains a list of social and socio-economic indicators for which you can enter the data yourself.

These are the steps you need to take:

Select relevant social/socio-economic indicators

You select relevant indicators from a list of suggestions. You can adjust listed indicators and/or add sustainability indicators suited to your situation.

Monitoring progress toward achieving your targets

You determine your ambition for each selected sustainability indicator and, after entering your data, the Envirometer automatically creates colourful goal-line charts for your scores compared to your targets. All your scores are summarised on a target dashboard.

Goal-line charts with traffic light colours

You set targets for the indicators you select. The Envirometer uses traffic light colours to show whether you are achieving your targets.

Target dashboard

The target dashboard shows all scores for all targets set. The traffic light colours visualise whether you are achieving your ambitions. You are free to adjust the layout, order and accompanying information for your targets however you like.

Communicating internally and externally about your scores

Transparency is an important principle in CSR and corporate sustainability. The Envirometer offers several options to communicate and publish your sustainability scores:

Sustainability and CSR tips and guide

You will find helpful tips in:


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The new Envirometer looks great! The new link to the CSR targets also works very well, we will definitely continue with it.
Jeroen Feelders, Het Nationale Theater

Frequently asked questions

Looking for an answer and your question is not listed? Then take a look at our FAQ overviewpage

Am I ready for a certificate if I fill in the Envirometer?

No, the Envirometer only supports certain CO2 and environmental components of certificates.

Can I let the auditor review the Envirometer?

Yes, definitely. There is no limit to the number of users within an account, and by giving the auditor ‘read-only’ access, they can review it.

Which sources can I consult for more information about these standards?

Learn more about all the components of:

At the CSR Guide (SER) for SMEs, measuring and monitoring CSR activities is an in-depth theme for which the Envirometer is recommended.