‘Of which’ items

Night-time use, production and various types of green power are ‘of which’ items, meaning that the quantity entered for these items should be equal to or smaller than the total quantity of electricity that was purchased. They do not affect the environmental score or the CO2 balance, but are used for calculating the efficiency indicators:

Green power

In finetuning you can choose from various types of green power. Green power from old hydropowerplants is (as of january 2015) treated like ‘conventional electricity’ because it does not reduce the environmental burden.

Electricity from diesel engine

If you are using an electricity generator (at festivals, outdoor activities or emergency power facilities) you can enter the amount of diesel used under the item ‘electricity from diesel generator’. You can choose from three efficiencies. If you do not know the efficiency of your generator/generator, assume 30 % efficiency.

Self-generated power

If you have a CHP installation, a windmill, solar cells or other sources of self-generated power, activate (via finetuning) the necessary items for ‘self-generated power’, so that you will be able to enter the data in the Envirometer.

Returned green power

Do you return green electricity (from solar or wind energy) to the electricity grid? You can enter that in two ways:

Do you return green electricity (from solar or wind energy) to the electricity grid?

Power from cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP)

Generation/use Theme Environmental theme Environmental burden Key indicators
Gas use of CHP Fuels & heat Natural gas for CHP
Generated heat Fuels Self-generated heat
Any heat provided to others Fuels Heat provided by third parties (negative number)
Generated power Power Self-generated power
Generation CHP > electricity consumed Fuels & heat Delived to the grid from CHP1

(1) This reduced the environmental impact of the theme Fuels & heat in the environmental burden (charts) and CO2-footprint.

For example:

Heat pump and Heat Cold Storage

See the fuel fill-in theme how to fill in the energy consumption of a heat pump installation.