Basic data

At Basic Data you enter diverse data which are used to make relative graphs and calculate the indicators.

Production volume

You can define your own unit for the production volume, for example ‘kg of printed matter’ or ‘number of visitors’ or ‘kg of processed steel’. You adjust the unit via finetuning. The unit has been preselected for some sectors.

Floor area

In the past, business floor space was expressed in m2 GFA (gross floor area). Nowadays, m2 of usable floor area is the standard. This is on average 90% of the gross floor area.

The Envirometer will use usable floor area as default from February 8, 2024. For this purpose, a conversion from m2 gross floor area to ‘m2’ has been added with a factor of 0.9. If you had previously entered values, these have been converted.
Users who started before February 2024 will see a (blue) warning about the changed floor area unit after logging in. Until you explicitly click away this warning, it will return to the home screen as a reminder to check whether the automatic conversion from gross floor area to user area is correct for your properties.

Tips for checking/improving m2 usable floor area

There are two situations:

  1. If you entered m2 gross floor area you can:
    • Leave the calculated user area as a good estimate.
    • Look up what the m2 user surface is and fill it in. Make sure that you also set the unit to m2 (via the … behind the unit).
  2. If the value entered was m2 Usable floor area, you can reverse the conversion by changing the unit from m2 gross floor area to m2. (via the … behind the unit).