Other CO2 sources


You can add CO2-emissions from relevant raw materials or from outsourced services in the Envirometer by yourself. For this, you need to have and use a CO2 conversion factor. This will be done as followed:

Take a look at the result in the CO2-graphs and the CO2-footprint. This item will be taken into account for scope 3 in the CO2-footprint per scope (When you did not make scope 3 visible, then this item will not be taken into account in the CO2-footprint per scope). The item does not have any effects on the Envirometer graphics.

Scope 3 emissions in the Envirometer

Under this theme, a user of the Envirometer can add the CO2 emissions of scope 3 emissions, such as relevant raw materials or an outsourced service. The scope 3 issues are divided into 15 categories, according to the GHG protocol ‘Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Accounting and Reporting Standard’. A table of these 15 categories can be found on the Dutch version of this help page.