Coolant is relevant for all companies with cooling installations and/or air conditioning with a content of more than 10 kg coolant. In the data entry help, you can find information on the proper category for each type of refrigerant (see Enter Data). R407C is comparable with R407 and R407A as far as its environmental effect, and can therefore be categorized as an HFC.

Please note: only enter the quantity of topped-up refrigerant, rather than the quantity present in the installation (this is included in the service bill of the maintenance mechanic). Only the quantity of HFC that has leaked away will harm the environment. Also do not include the replacement of a complete installation in this number, because the refrigerant is then correctly drained and does not leak away.


Solvents are relevant when more than 10 liters of solvent per year dissolves in the company, e.g. at painters or printing offices. The consumption of solvents can be retrieved from the stock acquisition bills of solvent-containing substances or the solvent registration of your supplier.

For VOC from a printing plant, the following solvents are included:

Welding gasses

The share of welding gasses on the total CO2-emission of organisations is negligible compared to other fuels. So it is possible, but not necessary to enter the data for welding gasses in the Milieubaromter.