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Demolition waste by demolition companies

Demolition waste is likely to present a large environmental burden compared to the accommodation activities. We therefore recommend that demolition companies:

Waste in the environmental graph, CO-2-graph and CO2-footprint

In the Envirometer, waste is included in the environmental graph and there are key figures for waste separation and, for example, for kg waste/employee. The environmental impact of the waste flows will be determined based on the extent to which the waste is being recycled, burned and/or landfilled. We therefore consider waste from the perspective of the Circular Economy. The more waste that is being recycled, the lower the environmental impact.

Waste is not visible in the CO2-graph and in the CO2-footprint, because the CO2-impact of the waste-phase cannot be considered seperate from the resources from which it originates. Many sorted waste flows would have a higher CO2-emission than unsorted waste flows, if we would only take into the equation the CO2-emissions from the collecting, separating and grinding of waste. Take a look at this article on the Envirometer webiste for more information.