Visitor traffic

Enter the annual mileage for every means of conveyance (public transport, bicycle and walking, motorized bicycle, motorcycle, car, van). For every means of conveyance you calculate: visitor * distance * 2 (inward and outward).

Methods for collecting the data

There are several methods to measure or estimate these data:

Select the method that best fits the data you can collect.

A Hold a survey among the visitors
Ask them about the travelling distance and the means of conveyance used. Specialized consultancy firms or regional transport coordination centres (VCCs) can assist you.

B Ask for an overview of the number of visitors from each postal code area
One of the departments in your company (the marketing department, for instance) may have a survey of the number of visitors and where they come from. Indicate per area whether you expect them to come by public transport, bicycle or car.

C Estimate the number of visitors per means of conveyance
Base your estimate on the number of bicycles in the bicycle shed and the number of cars in the car park. Use the number of days that your company receives visitors to calculate the annual data. Apply an average travelling distance to every means of transport and remember to double the distance on account of the trips inward and outward.