Freight transport

In case of scope 3 of the SKAO CO2-Performance Ladder it is important to fill in business traffic in liters fuels (instead of kilometers). It is more accurate to enter the quantity of fuel for motorized vehicles, than the mileage.

Pay attention to:

Note: enter or the quantity of fuel or the mileage of a vehicle. So do not enter both, because in that case the environmental burden of these vehicles are doubled.

The environmental impact of different engines

The graph below shows the environmental impact of 1 liter of fuel burned in different vehicles with different engines. The environmental impact is a combination of particulate matter, CO2-emissions and indicators of other environmental themes.

The graph shows that the environmental impact of 1 liter of diesel is less and less with a cleaner model EURO-motor (see graphs 9 to 14). This differs because the newer engines emit less particulate matter. The CO2-emissions remain the same regardless of the engine.