Goals let you determine important environmental and CSR indicators and monitor whether these goals will be achieved. You can enter goals for environmental and other CSR themes. The goals dashboard lets you easily track progress and communicate it to others.

Add goals

When the Envirometer is first opened, the goals page will be empty since no goals have been selected yet. There are three sections where you can add (and change) goals:

Tip: Use the download button at the top right of the goalgraph to download the graph. For more information check the Environmenter-help about graphs.

Tip:: If you don’t have five years of data yet, the Envirometer automatically increases the graph to five years in order to properly visualize the target line. When you have filled in five or more years, it will no longer do this. If you still want to see years in the future, create these years and leave them empty.

Adjust goals

When you create a new goal, you can adjust it immediately. If you want to adjust a goal from the Target dashboard, you can click on the goal icon in front of the name of the goal.

Important: If you already achieved your end goal at the start of your target period, the target line will not start at the first measured value, but will be a horizontal line in the amount of the end goal.

Target dashboard

Use the green toolbar to navigate to Targets to display the target dashboard. You can also click Targets overview from the goal chart to return to the goals dashboard.

Here you’ll find an overview of all your goals together and from here you can navigate directly to the indocator (Graph, key-figure or CSR-Item) relevant to the goal. Here, you can adjust the goal if necessary.

At the target dashboard you’ll find the following functions:

Important: If you adjust your time window, the target graph will therefore usually change because you then shift your reference year.