The functions in the Envirometer are divided across the green dropdown bar (at the top), the grey bar (at the bottom) and the middle section, where the possibilities depend on the ‘step’ chosen. Here we provide a summary of the navigation options via the green and grey bars and the start page.

Start page

When you log in on the Envirometer website, the start page will appear.
On the start page you can find the items below:

Green toolbar

In the green toolbar, you select where you want to go: which Envirometer, which step (data entry, graphics, etc.), English or Dutch, and so on. These choices do not affect what other users see when they log in.

Here you will find the following functions:

Important: Under goals, you can define a target period. This period determines which period goals are shown. This is separate from the time window.

Grey taskbar

The grey taskbar contains all of the management functions. It can be found at the bottom of every page.

  1. The first column contains the same steps as in the green toolbar.
  2. The second column contains the manage and download functions.
  3. The third column contains the:
    • Links to this HELP section.
    • Option to switch to the Envirometer for a different organization (provided you have the access rights to multiple organizations)