Multiple barometers

Some environmeter functions and tricks are mainly interesting for subscriptions with multiple barometers. On this help page we collected a couple of tips and tricks. You can find more information on the relevant help-pages.

Barometer-total / Sum-barometer

Do you want to have a sum-barometer of your organization of do you want to add barometers for another reason?

Important: Don’t forget to refresh the sums if the entered data are modified, this doesn’t happen automatically. You can do this for all barometers and all years at once with the refresh button in the environmeter management. This is explained in the chapter Update/refresh the sum total at Adding up, means and copying (as long as the number of sums isn’t too large).

Copy finetuning of another barometer

There are two tricks to equalize the finetuning of different barometer in one subscription.