CO2- footprint

Do you use the Environmental Barometer to create and/or publish CO2-footprints?

What data is needed for a CO2-footprint?

Adding input fields to your CO2-footprint

Viewing your CO2-footprint

There are two ways:

Zoom in on your CO2-emissions

Comparing CO2-footprints of more years

With graphs:

With tables:

In the comparison CO2-footprints correct for growth or shrinkage

Measuring progress with indicators

Publish CO2-footprints

Convert your CO2-footprint into a PDF report

Paste your CO2-footprint in a Word document Using the small copy-button at the CO2-footprint in the Envirometer, you can copy the footprint to paste in a Word document. Do not use ctrl + V for pasting, but click the right mouse button > ‘Merge formatting’. You can also use the menu item ‘Paste’ > ‘Paste special’> ‘Merge formatting’.

Hiding scope 3 in your CO2-footprint (= limit to scope 1 & 2)

Creating footprints of half years (or quarters or…)

CO2-Footprints of sites add up to a CO2-footprint of the company.

Monitor CO2-targets

Set up CO2-targets and monitor via the target dashboard whether you are meeting your CO2-goals.