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About us

Envirometer: going strong for over 25 years

Starting out as an Excel sheet in 1999, over the years our tool has grown to become the solution it is today.

Created by Stimular

Created by the Stimular Foundation, Envirometer is an essential tool used by advisors and consultants in their everyday work. The Envirometer team, part of the staff from Stimular, works hard every day on optimising the tool, supporting users and providing courses. The Envirometer was created in collaboration with, and is maintained by Dutch software development company Dreamsolution.

What we do

The Envirometer helps companies and organisations identify and quantify the environmental impact of their operations or products (‘carbon footprinting’). Companies and organisations can enter their environmental data into the tool themselves and get immediate insight. Stimular’s Envirometer team supports these companies through our helpdesk, newsletters and online webinars (included with membership). We additionally support users with one-on-one coaching and courses that help companies and organisations take the optimal, most effective pathway to becoming more sustainable.

From Excel spreadsheet to online tool

In the 1990s, in the Netherlands (and elsewhere) governmental authorities started imposing requirements on companies in the area of registering their environmental impacts. Companies above a certain size had to complete and send paper forms annually. However, often these companies either did not have the right data or did not understand it well. They did not know about their own total energy consumption, for example, let alone the progress they could make in their environmental performance. To give companies insight into their environmental performance and at the same time meet obligations set by the government, in 1999 the Stimular Foundation developed the Milieubarometer, later also available in its English form the Envirometer. You can see how the Envirometer developed over the years from an Excel spreadsheet to a user-friendly online tool in the timeline below.