The functioning of the Envirometer depends on the internet browser (or version) used. Chrome, Safari and Firefox usually work well.

The data I entered has disappeared

The Envirometer automatically saves the data entered when you leave the input field. But if your input data disappears, the cause may be one of the following:

The Envirometer is not functioning properly.

The Envirometer can get confused due to, for example, a network failure (inside or outside the company) while you are working on the Envirometer or if your computer freezes in another program. In these types of situations, the problem can often be resolved by:

  1. Logging out and logging in again.
  2. Emptying your browser’s ‘cache’ (stored memory page) and deleting cookies. You do this by holding in ctrl+shift+del. This can also be done through the ‘Delete browser history’ menu.
  3. Upgrading to the most recent version of your browser.
  4. Using a different browser. The Envirometer usually works well in Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
  5. To check where your problem is originating:
    • Try using a different computer. If that helps, the problem is the software combination on the other computer.
    • Ask a colleague to log in on your computer (from his or her profile). If that helps, the problem is related to personal settings and/or the computer.
    • Try again later.
    • Disable extensions (temporary). For instructions, see the Microsoft Edge support page. If that helps, the problem is with one or more of the extensions.
    • Disable the pop-up blocker.

Problem not solved?

Call us at (+31 (0)10-2382828). We’d be happy to help you out.

We can often help you more quickly if your provide is with your browser type (Edge/Firefox/Chrome), version number and operating system (Windows10/8/7/MacOS/…).