Step3 Viewing the results

You can view the results of your completed Envirometer by accessing


Environmental burden

This chart shows the environmental burden. All environmental themes have been bundled in one bar chart. Further information on the background of your Envirometer score can be found at

CO2 indicator

This chart shows your CO2 emission (in kg CO2) spread across the environmental themes.


This chart shows all costs added for every theme.

Chart per...

Since the environmental burden of an organization often grows as the company grows, it is interesting to see whether the environmental burden has changed in proportion. For this purpose, five comparative Envirometers have been added, on the subjects of

If you want to compare your Envirometer with a benchmark, please select the production or number of employees first. You can then tick your sector under ‘benchmark’.

Key indicators

In this table several key indicators, also called efficiency indicators, are calculated. Key indicators can be used to monitor your data throughout the years. You may also compare them with the data of other companies or other branches.  

CO2 footprint

The CO2 footprint of your organization is presented in table format. For every theme, the CO2 emission in metric tons is shown.


Via the menu item REPORTS you can

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