Step1 Finetuning the Envirometer

Finetuning your Envirometer will ensure that the entry screens are conveniently arranged and that you are aware of the data that can be entered in the Envirometer.

  1. Go to ‘enter data’
  2. Select ‘finetuning’ in the top left corner.

In ‘finetuning’ you can determine for every environmental theme which aspects are relevant to your company. 

  1. Select an environmental theme on the right.
  2. Tick the boxes of the relevant environmental aspects; please consult the information in the left margin of the environmental aspects.
  3. Are you unsure whether an aspect applies to your company? Just tick the box for now; upon filling in the data you will be reminded to verify it.  
  4. In ‘basic data’, the unit of production has been entered based on the sector on your registration form. You may adjust this unit in the relevant box.

A theme will only pop up in the entry screen when at least one environmental aspect of the theme has been ticked (under finetuning). The finetuning screen always shows all themes.

Now proceed with step 2 Filling in the Envirometer