Sum years

You can sum years from (different) Envirometers to create a new instance. This can be useful if you have multiple branches and want to create an annual total for your organization.

Summing Envirometer years works as follows:

  1. Go to 'settings', you'll be in 'settings > envirometers'
  2. Click the '+ Sum years'
  3. Fill in:
    • 'years' Select the instances you want to add
    new year
    • 'Target Envirometer'Select the Envirometer to which the combined year will be added;
    • 'Copy all items'
               - Copy all items; The target barometer finetuning will extended when needed
               - Keep target barometer finetuning; Items that are not in the target barometer are not copied
    • Choose the "year" of the combined year/instance;
    • choose a 'subtitle' for the combined year
  4. Click on 'Apply'.

The sum-year (instance) can now be found in the chosen Envirometer. A sum can be recognized by the (+) symbol behind the year.

Attention: when the items in one of the source-envirometers changes, the calculation will not automatically refresh. You can refresh the calculation by clicking the (+) button behind the year. When you click on the 'refresh arrows' button , all calculations will be refreshed at once.

You may remove the refresh-option of a sum by pressing the (+) and clicking on "Remove Coupling".