Split a year

You can split an Envirometer-year into half years, quarters, four month periods or months. Values from that specific year will then be divided over the periods.

How do you split an Envirometer-year?

Undo/change a splitting:

Splitsen Milieubarometerjaar

Enter data

Fill in the ‘complete year’

Splitted Envirometers (for quarters, half years etc.) will normally be set on ‘reading only’. You can change this security at ’Settings’ – change year.

Quarters, half years etc. put into graphics and footprints

The quarters, half years etc. will function the same way as normal years in graphics, indicators and footprints. However, the amount of bars will build op veryquickly. The function ‘filter’ makes it possible to select only the relevant bars for your comparison.

Kwartaalgrafiek Milieubarometer

This graphic shows that the year 2011 has a lower environmental impact than 2010. Besides that the graphic shows that environmental impact per quarter is the highest in the winter.