Set reference year

The charts for an Envirometer always show one year that functions as a reference year. In a new Envirometer, the first year added automatically becomes the reference year, with scores of 100%. The following years, the Envirometer charts are compared with the first year.  

If you have been using the Envirometer for a longer period of time, you may want to set a new reference year. Alternatively, you may want to add data from previous years and move the reference year accordingly.

How to alter the reference year:

  1. Go to ‘settings > Envirometers’.
  2. Select ‘change’ for an Envirometer (black characters)
  3. Select your new reference year
  4. Save

If you remove the reference year from an Envirometer or from a chart, the program will automatically select a new reference year. It decides in the following manner:   

  1. The primary ‘year’ with the same date is made into the reference year. This option is applicable if the deleted year was included more than once.  
  2. If the deleted year is not an option, the oldest Envirometer year becomes the reference year.