Indicator table

In this table, several key indicators (also called efficiency indicators) are calculated, for instance kWh/m2or environmental costs/turnover. Key indicators are convenient to monitor your data over the years. You may also use them to compare your company with other companies.

You can adapt this table in finetuning key indicators. You may add or remove key indicators, or change the titles of some key indicators.

Comparing indicators with the sector

At you will find the average values for key indicators in various sectors. To compare your key indicators with the sector go to indicators and select 'industry sector average'. The grey collumn on the right is the industry sector average. For instance:


Calculating the indicators

Key indicators such as ‘km business transport/fte’ use your environmental data rather than the costs. That is to say that if you only enter the costs, without estimating the matching number of kilometres, this item will be counted as zero kilometres and so the key indicator will be lower.