CO2 footprint

 The CO2 balance (CO2 footprint) shows which activities contribute how much to the CO2 emission.

Publish your CO2-footprint

You can publish CO2 footprints from the Envirometer:

  1. Go to CO2-footprints
    • Select a year you want to publish
    • If desired, select 'per scope' instead of 'per theme'
    • If desired, select 'per ...' to show a relative footprint
    • Tick the boxes of the logo's (e.g. CO2-performance ladder/ISO 14064) which are relevant for the publication
    2. Click on the 'Share' button

Hereafter, you can see the CO2-footprint via the appearing link, it is now part of the list on the Envirometerwebsite (this website is only available in Dutch).

What is CO2 actually?

Carbondioxide, or CO2, is a gas which is by nature present in the atmosphere. Because CO2 is a greenhousegas, it ensures that the earth retains its heat, so called (normal) global warming. If this does not happen, people could not live on earth due to the fact that it would be too cold to survive. However, as a consequence of human acts, the amount of CO2 significantlyincreased over the last 150 years. This is mainly due to the incineration of fossil fuels, like coal, oil and natural gas. This increasement causes enhanced global warming. Due to enhanced global warming, the climate of the earth is changing. The changing climate of the earth causes extreme weather circumstances which we experience in every country.

To measure the emission of greenhousegases like CO2, researchers make use of a measurement method in CO2- equivalents. One CO2-equivalent is the same as the effect of the emission of 1 kg CO2. The equivalents are used because there are other greenhousegases next to CO2 present in the atmosphere, like N2O and CH4.

The CO2 emissions of your company operations are calculated in the Envirometer. But what do these tonnes of CO2 mean for you and your company? To visualize this, you can select the next parameters via finetuning under the theme 'CO2 and compensation':

- Total CO2 emissions compared to '...' tonnes coal
- Total CO2 emissions translated to kilometers driven by car around the equator.
- The amount of hours a windturbine needs to operate to compensate the total amount of CO2 emissions
- The amount of m2 solarpanels to compensate the CO2 emissions.

You emit 1 kg CO2 (≈ 200 liter CO2 gas) if you:

breath ≈ half a day

travel ≈ 5 km by car

travel ≈ 15 km by public transport