Security and privacy

The data entered via your pc into the Envirometer are sent over the internet to the Envirometer server of Stimular. Once received, they are stored in a database. Stimular ensures that working with the Envirometer is secure by taking the following measures:

We cannot guarantee the security of your pc. We can, however, give you some tips on working securely.

What is a secure connection?
If you login at, a secure connection is made between the Envirometer and your computer. In order to make this secure connection, a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is used. This is a security technology that ensures that all data exchanged between your computer and the Envirometer server are encrypted. As a result, the data exchanged are only recognized by the computer you are working on at that time and by the Envirometer server at Stimular’s. As soon as the SSL connection is made, your browser will show the picture of a closed padlock.

How can I check whether a connection is secure?
Click on the icon of the ‘closed padlock’ or the ‘key’ in your browser. The data of the secure connection are shown. Check whether the following address is showing: Check whether this same address is showing in your browser bar. If the address is not the same, do not place your orders; a secure connection with the Envirometer has not been established.

Handle your passwords with care!
According to experts, the user himself presents the biggest security risk to any system! Some tips:

Use the latest versions of your internet browser, operating system and virus scanner!
Check regularly whether you are using the latest versions of your internet browser and operating system: