Step 3. Importing Envirometers for benchmarking

For subscribers with benchmark rights.

This page explains step 3 of benchmarking. Please first go through the steps 1 and 2:

Step 1. Importing Envirometers for verification

Step 2. Checking Envirometers for benchmarking


Importing Envirometers for benchmarking

  1. Go to ‘Settings’.
  2. Make sure that you have an Envirometer that you can use to present ‘the average’ later on, together with all Envirometers that have been used to calculate the average. Generally speaking, it will be most convenient to do so in a new Envirometer. If you do not have an Envirometer for the purpose, please click ‘Add Envirometer' at the top of the page. You may need to expand your subscription at Subscription_information for the purpose.
  3. Click ‘Importing Envirometers for the benchmark’
    • Select the desired benchmark set. You are most likely to see two: one starting with ‘Source:...’ and one starting with ‘Copy:...’. Pick the first one. 
    • Select one or more years. Copying the previous year as well will make for a more solid check.
    • Select you want to copy the Envirometers into a single excisting Envirometer.
    • Select which one. 
    • Do not select 'keep existing finetuning'.
  4. Select 'Import Envirometers'.

Continue to step 4. Combining Envirometers for benchmarking.