This help page is meant for subscribers with benchmark rights.

Benchmarking is determining the average Envirometer. There are two different benchmark situations:

  1. Company benchmark: Benchmarking within one Envirometer subscription that contains all Envirometers included in the average (for instance for a company with more than one branch).
  2. Sector benchmark: Benchmarking Envirometers from several Envirometer subscriptions in a separate (benchmark) subscription, for instance, the government office sector benchmark.

Carrying out a benchmark is done in four steps either way:

step 1. Importing Envirometers for verification

step 2. Checking the Envirometers before benchmarking

step 3. Importing Envirometers for benchmarking

step 4. Combining Envirometers for benchmarking


The steps are a little different between the two benchmark situations. The difference is quite small.

Go to step 1. Importing Envirometers for verification.