Large companies, with more than 10 locations, can use the option 'labels' to cluster a selection of their envirometer. In this way they can obtain a quick overview of the regions or types (e.g. offices and production locations).

Adding a label

How to create a new label:

  1. Go to 'Menu' and select 'labels'.
  2. Click on the button 'add label'
  3. Fill in the title screen. For example: 'sub-company name' or 'industry type'
  4. Select the envirometers for this cluster
  5. Click on the button 'add label'

Working with labels

After you have added a label you see it behind the Envirometer title. You can select it under the following fields: Enter Data, Graphs, Indicators, and CO2-footprint. As default the Envirometer selects "all labels", you can select another label by clicking on the bar at the right top. You can see one label at the time.

Adjusting a label

How to adjust the features of a label:

  1. Go to 'Menu' and select 'labels'.
  2. Click on a label title (underlined green characters)
  3. Adjust the label title or Envirometer selection

Deleting a label

How to remove a label:

  1. Go to 'Menu' and select 'labels'.
  2. Tick the boxes of the label(s) you want to delete
  3. Click on the button: 'remove label'. You only remove the label and not the connected Envirometers