It is possible to choose which environmental data you want to enter into your Envirometer. Finetuning your Envirometer will ensure that the entry screens are conveniently arranged and that you are aware of the data that can be entered in the Envirometer. Some tips:

There are two possibilities to start with finetuning:

Add or remove environmental data

Select the relevant aspects for each environmental theme.

  1. Select Enter data
  2. Select Finetuning
  3. If you have severeal Envirometers in your subscription, select your Envirometer on the right.
  4. Select an environmental theme on the right.
  5. Tick the boxes of the environmental aspects that you want to include; please consult the information in the left margin of the environmental aspects. When you decide not to include an environmental aspect, you are asked to confirm this. When data has been entered for this aspect, this data will be erased.
  6. Switch to a different theme and tick the boxes of the relevant environmental aspects of this theme.
  7. When you go back to 'enter data', you will see the results on your entry screen.

A theme will only pop up in the entry screen when at least one environmental aspect of the theme has been ticked (under finetuning). The finetuning screen always shows all themes.

Adjust the entire finetuning at once

When you sign up for the Envirometer you select your sector. This determines the pre-selection of environmental items, the list of key indicators, and measures. If your Envirometer fits better in another sector you can reset the finetuning all at once. This means that you can adjust all input screens at the same time. It is useful to do this before you enter data into a new envirometer.

  1. Select 'settings'.
  2. Click on the ‘change’ button.
  3. It is possible to reset the finetuning all at once: