Entering data on water & waste water

On the page enter data you will find general information about filling in an Envirometer and how to operate the entry screen. Below, you will find specific information about entering data on water & waste water. In finetuning you can select which items are shown in your Envirometer.

Waste water

The amount of waste water pollution is calculated in pollution units (PU's), you can find this on the bill.

In case the PU is not know: enter in the waste water box the same number (in m3) as drinking water, and change the unit to 'm3 domestic' instead of 'PU'.

At swimming pools

The waste water of swimming pools is less dirty than domestic waste water. Use the following formula:

waste water in PU = pollution units = (drinking water in m3 - suppletion water in m3) x 0,0039 + suppletion water in m3 x 0,001