Enter data electrical cars

Electric cars are often charged at several places: at home, at loading points en route and at the company. This makes it more difficult to monitor than consumption of vehicle fuel. The trick is:

Available Items for completing electric cars

Charging vehicles in (public) charging stations.

If your employees ‘fill up’ with a keycard you will get an overview of the electricity bought.
Enter this by:

Charging at the own company with keycards

If the charging points at your own company work with keycards, the kWh of this charging is included in the keycard-overview. To avoid double counting the electricity supplied to the load point should not also be counted via “purchased electricity”. For this you can use the two items in the theme electricity:

Charging at the own company without keycards

If the charging points at your own business do not operate with keycards, you can choose:

Home charging for business travel

There are two separate items that you can use:

Our advice is to fill it only if

Former items (for those who entered electric vehicles before Aug 2015)

Users started before September 2015 may have used two items we are ‘phasing out’: