Checklist proper entering data

You did enter all the data in your Envirometer, but you are wondering if you did it the right way? With the following checklist you can remove the most common mistakes. This check is meant to detect incorrect entered numbers and so it does not give you an overview about your environmental impact scores compared to the ones from your colleagues.

This check is especially useful for people who enter data in the Envirometer for the first time. The coming years you can find differences with earlier years, after which you can try to explain them. When you do not have a logical explanation, then there is a reason to check your data input.

Instructions: Retrace all the questions. When you answer a question with 'no', then it can be possible that there is something wrong with the entered data. We advice to check the data input from all the questions you answered with 'no'.

This checklist is subdivided in:


Entering screen

Floor surface and buiilding content

Is the content of the building 3 to 5 times bigger than the floor surface?

Employees and turnover

Is the turnover (of a service company) 50.000 - 100.000 times the amount of employees? For production companies and trade companies the turnover will be higher per employee.

Electricity and costs

Are the electricity costs (in €) around 10 - 20% of the consumption (in kWh)?
(1 kWh, incl. ecotax and transportation costs will cost around €0,10 to €0,20)

Green electricity

Is the amount of green electricity smaller than or the same as the total usage of electricity?

Gas and costs

Are the costs of gas (in €) around 50% of the consumption (in m3 gas)?
(Gas, incl. ecotax and transportation costs will cost, for most of the SMEs, around €0,50 to €0,60 per m3)

Costs (waste)water

Does your wastewater cost around the same price as your acquisition of water?

Waste water

Is the amount of pollution indicators around 2,5% of the consumption of water?
 A possible explanation of another proportion can be that your wastewater is more polluted or less polluted than the waste water of your household. Is that right?
(1.000 m3 waste water of households is 23 VE (pollution indicators))


Did you enter the solvents when you are a garage, printing company or a painter?


Did you enter enough kg waste?
(Every week one garbage bag is around 300 kg waste per year)
(Every week a 1.100 liter container full of garbage is around 8.500 kg per year)

Waste streams

Did you fill in all the released wastestreams? The indicators which are usually forgotten are: fluorescent tubes, pallets, metals and paper & cardboard which goes to an association.

Business traffic

Is the amount of corporate car kilometres around 15.000 km times the amount of corporate cars?


Did you only enter the kilometres or litres of fuels (so not both)?



Is the graph visible and did you set the reference year at 100?
If not, take a look in the help pages of the program (via "help" in the upperleft corner of the screen) to resolve this.


Is electricity (orange) visible? The bar of electricity will remain smaller when you have green electricity.


Are fuels (yellow) visible?


Is industrial waste (darkblue) visible?

Hazardous waste

Is hazardous waste (lightblue) smaller than industrial waste?

Office paper

Does the bar office paper (red) not go beyond 10% of the Envirometer?



Are the indicators in the order of 20 to 200 kWh/m2?


Are the indicators in the order of 1 to 10 m3 gas/m3 of the building?


Is the indicator 'Generated electricity in kWh per m3 natural gas' smaller than 4 kWh/m3? (usually 2 - 3 kWh/m3)
Is the indicator 'Useful consumption of CHP-heat' smaller than 82%?


Is the waste seperation percentage consistent with your expectations?


Is the amount of waste in the order of 75 to 300 kg/employee? If not, is it right that your company has a big amount of production/demolition waste?