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This website is owned by the Stimular Foundation. Portions of text from this site may only be reprinted under the conditions specified below.


Stimular Foundation
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This website is owned by the Stimular Foundation. Stimular promotes sustainable business practices in enterprises and organisations. Stimular therefore encourages organisations to reproduce and use our texts and the information we provide, but only under the terms set out below.

Internal use

The information on this website may be used freely within your own company or organisation.

Business or commercial purposes

For business or commercial purposes, you may only reproduce information from this website with the written consent of the Stimular Foundation.
Journalistic purposes

  • If you reproduce short sections of text (up to 250 words) we ask you to include the following source:
  • When reproducing longer texts (between 250 and 500 words) we ask you to include Stimular Foundation as your source. For the promotion of sustainable entrepreneurship in small and medium-sized businesses. use: and
  • If you wish to reproduce longer sections of text (over 500 words) please contact us in advance on +31(0)10 – 238 28 28(ask for Marlies Peschier).